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Pelletizing Machine "RYUZOUKUN" Hot News

1.The latest delivery track record

  • As for "Ryuzoukun",evaluation rises as a recycling device of resources suitable for the eco-friendly recycling society year by year abroad from the start.
  • The shipment of the total machine has already broken through 160 of them. Particularly during this year, sales are prolonged smoothly at speed more than the double of the average year.
  • By the information from visitor,quantity of trade of the phosphate which is the one of the three major elements of the manure suddenly decreases and hears it recently when there is that necessity to utilize as organic fertilizers such as domestic animal feces.

2.Inquiry of charcoal,etc. besides domestic animal feces increase

  • Domestic animal feces were done mainly till now.these past two or three years, The requests of the granulation test with the carbonizaition plant largely increase.
  • There are two cases which granulaitions make high carbonization raw materials of granulation and abrasiveness to perform preprocessing (prevention of outbreak of burnt carbonization ash) of the carbonization. Both cases pass through the granulaiton test in us and operate smoothly.
  • On the other hand, because "Ryuzoukun" has the low temperature granulation which continued is possible, granulation of raw materials including calcium hydroxide can be granulated.
    Under the present condition, as for granulations of raw materials including the calcium hydroxide. it seems that turns of "Ryuzoukun" increase more and more, so that it is limited to "Twin Dies Pelletizer".