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Quesitions & Answers


Q1 What kind of raw materials can be converted into pellets?

A1 This machine is the most suitable for organic raw materials.
  Raw materials such as water and sewerage sludge, night soil sludge ,etc.
  Please refer to the page of various raw materials & pellets.

Q2 Is it necessary for the preprocessing of raw materials?

A2 Moisture content adjustment and sieved(removal of stone, concrete piece) raw materials are necessary.
  There is proper moisture content original with raw materials.

Q3 Are there consumable parts?

A3 There are three kinds of replacement parts : dies, slide plate(chute), pellet cutter.

Q4 Is there the roller to push raw materials into?

A4 "Ryuzoukun" is pelletizing with one pair of dies. Raw materials enter between one pair of dies and become pellets to the inside of the dies and fall out.
 Therefore, "Ryuzoukun" doesn't have the roller to push raw materials into.

Q5 Is there any necessary equipment besides the main body?

A5 There is necessary to have a fixed-quantity supply machine.
  In addition, the conveying equipment of before and after are necessary.

Q6 Are the cooling of pellets necessary?

A6 Pelletizing temperature is to 50 degree Celsius or less, but cooling process is necessary. However, because pelletizing temperature is low, it is possible to cool by the extent expanded to the floor.

Q7 How long it takes for delivery?

A7 Generally, It takes about three months after receipt of order(the approval of the drawing was gotten).
 Term of delivery : FOB KOCHI.
 Please contact us if you want some details.