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Voice of the customer

  • From our website, you will find an icon "voice of the customer".
  • Various opinions are obtained about "Ryuzoukun" from customers until now. We introduce some typical opinions here.

Performance of pelletizing

  • Although the performance was being stabilized gain the overwhelmining valuation, there was the opinion that ability was deteriorated when all the holes in the die were plugged. In addition, because that the sales of pellets are brisk, "Ryuzoukun" is operated until the middle of the night. They are superior to produce pellets for stablility by atutomatic unmanned driving. A lot of opinions that was made reliance are also obtained.
  • There was the opinion that the moisture content of the raw materials didn't be pelletizied beyond 40%.


  • The opinion that operation of the main body of "Ryuzoukun" is easy, and being easy to treat holds many.
    However, there was the opinion that it was considerably inferior in operativity, when the panel(control board) and the fixed-quantity supply machine of raw materials were not our company.

Maintenance characteristics

  • The opinion of the normal was most.
    However, some of them, there were indications of decomposition and the cleaning out the dies holes .

About dies

  • The dies may need to be cleaned every half a year regarding to the condition. Normally, dies are supposed to work for five years by cleaning out the holes of the die with drill and proper maintenance.
  • Under certain circumstances, such as low moisture content(20%-35% lower than the designed value), the dies life will be shorten.
  • On the other hand, there is optional that fermentation fowl droppings are supplied at the time of opening time and close of the work, for preventing of blocking of the dies.


  • Even if the price of the die may become more higher, We want you to lengthen the life of die.
  • We want the dies which doesn't do blocking.
  • We want you to aim at improvement in performance of "Ryuzoukun", so that materials with high moisture can be pelletizied.
  • It is necessary for workers to carry out work according to things such as bag filling near the "Ryuzoukun". If it is cleared, the productivity will improve by leaps and bounds.
  • Although protection against dust specification can be evaluated eco-friendly, dismantlement of the die cover takes time.

 Thank you for a lot of precious opinions.
 In addition, we want to perform renewal of contents of this corner each time if you will give opinions to us from now on. Please send opinions one after another.
Thank you for your consideration.