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Why choosing "RYUZOUKUN"

There are a lot of reasons to choose "RYUZOUKUN" for your demand, and the three main advantages are listed below.

1.High productivity.

  •  Because we adopt our design from the original Twin dies in comparison with granulator of another company, it is proud of distinguished productive capacity from aspects of the cost-effectiveness.
  •  In large-scale poultry farm, when you watch "Ryuzoukun" make a large quantity of fowl droppings pellets silently, it will be to have you are firm and realize charm of "Ryuzoukun" of the hard worker.

2.It can be granulated at low temperature.

  •  It becomes a decisive factor of the biomanure feed production of the superior quality that granulaiton temperature is low temperature equal to or less than 50 degrees Celsius.
  •  Specifically, because there are little crushing and trituration of raw materials, it is made pellets in the state that microbe bacteria and the enzyme which high quality biomanure can't miss assumed becoming permanently free from danger, after dispersion, it is easy to be disintegrated in the underground , and a high evaluation is really got from farming families to use as manure for good quality.

3.Running cost including the consumption electricity is low

  •   "RYUZOUKUN" has little trouble, and it is simple structure, you can use it for a long time.
  •  In addition, there is little consumption electricity and can recommend that the dies are maintenance-free with confidence as the eco product which is kind to not only the wallet but also the global enviroment with a big characteristic.

Structure and Comparison

  粒造くん仕組み ●The number of revolutions of dies is 80-90r/min
●There are extremely much molding apertures.
●Granulation temperature is low(50 degrees Celsius or less).

  Decomposition of pellets are early because there aren't mixer,crushing,trituration just to push it once.
  他社仕組み ●The number of revolutions of die is 200-400r/min.
●There are little molding apertures.
●Granulation temperature is high(50 degrees Celsius-90 degrees Celsius).

  Decomposition of pellets are slow because temperature is high by mixer of raw materials , crushing, trituration.