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September 1952 Originally founded in Shioyazaki-cho, Kochi-shi, Japan
December 1955 Moved to Hinode-cho, Kochi-shi, Japan
June 1972 Moved to Nankoku-shi & factory construction in Nankoku-shi
December 1977 Enlarged can manufacturing factory
December 1978 Enlarged factory
September 1981 Factory enlargement, old office construction
December   Enlarged machine shop
August 1987 Established Kakiuchi Co.,Ltd. (capital stock 10 million yen)
September   Constructed South factory
May 1988 Enlarged Head factory
June 1989 Constructed West factory
October 1994 Takaharu Kakiuchi, president assumption of office
March 1996 Established Kochi factory
June 1999 "Ryuzoukun" registered as trademark registration
October   ISO 9001, 9002 certification registration
July 2000 Published by bonds offered through private placement 100 million yen
August 2001 Established Kakiuchi Techno Service Co., Ltd.
January 2002 Sold South factory
September   Established liaison office in Suzhou City in China
June 2003 Started processing of parts and materials in China
January 2004 Started OEM supply of "Ryuzoukun"
September   The founder Yasuo Kakiuchi died
October   Set up foundation "Edison(Yasuo Kakiuchi) Prize of Kochi" by (association of corporate judicial person)Kochi Industry Society
November   The total of shipments of "Ryuzoukun" reached 100 units
August 2005 Established Wuxi Kakiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd. (Chinese joint management, 60% financing)
August 2006 Established Kakiuchi Co., Ltd. The 20th anniversary establishment. (The 55th anniversary foundation)
October 2007 Established Yutaka mechanic industry commerce society
December   "ke,S&Q" registered as trademark registration
February 2009 The total of shipments of "Ryuzoukun" reached 150 units
March   500 million Yen of private placement bond is floated
April   Purchased factory site(8225m2)
May   Moved to newly constructed Main office
April 2011 Constructed East factory
September   China joint venture business cancellation
September 2012 Takaharu kakiuchi is new Chairman. kazuhiko Yasuoka became President and CEO.